Monday, January 30, 2012

Smile Though Your Heart is Aching

I am a firm believer in the power of music. It can heal a broken heart and bind up painful wounds. Or it can simply lift you when you're feeling a little blue. I'm having a so-so day. Not terrible. But I'm just feeling sort of sluggish and zombie-like. I'm also feeling negative thoughts knocking at my mental door, and I'm trying not to let them in. But I listened to this song a little while ago and it did cheer me up.

"Smile" by Nat King Cole

Just a little side note about this song (and really the reason I love it so much, besides the fact that it's just so good) is that Ren and I danced to this song on our first date. He was so charming, and I was gone in an instant. Like I said, it's a good song;)

 I hope it can cheer you up too, if you're needing it!

What lifts you out of the blues? Any inspiring songs to share?

Apparently the first link I posted for this song has been disabled. Here's a different one:  

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  1. Thats a pretty song and it dose make me happy also it is a good song!;)